One Thought on “Netwerk storing We-Dare

  1. De verbindingen zijn hersteld en de oorzaak ligt bij de VLAN verbinding van We-Dare vanuit het datacentrum naar de upstream providers.
    Zodra wij meer informatie over de oorzaak hebben zullen we een update plaatsen.

    Mochten er nog connectiviteit problemen zijn horen wij dat graag.

    Verklaring We-Dare:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    First and foremost we would like to apologize for the lengthy and obtrusive maintenance operation. We would also like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. The operation was never intended to compromise the operational stability of our network in any way. We take great care in providing redundant solutions to minimize downtime for our customers. Planned works tasks are planned consecutively and require the previous task to concluded successfully before proceeding.

    The order of incidents is the result of insufficient testing combined with hardware failure and newly imposed software restrictions. The platform failure at Telecity2 revealed that the router at Sara was only carrying half the normal amount of routes. Newly unannounced software restrictions only permitted one-tenth of the previously installed routes. This was easily overcome. It did however show a third problem. Routes originating from Rotterdam were lost as they traversed the damaged routing core. Removing the old routing core restored local traffic. Restoring connections at Sara eventually resolved the international issues.

    Please note, that a new maintenance is required to replace the damaged routing core. As the routing core is now separated from the network, repairs will not disturb the operational functionality. Reinstating the router in the network could result in temporary degraded routing performance. The emergency maintenance will be announced when the new router is available. An RMA has already been issued.

    We Dare

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